Bridal Boudoir – An Emerging Trend

Bridal Boudoir – An Emerging Trend

Your wedding day is a very special day. It should be one of those once in a lifetime experiences. You are committing yourself to be with one special person for the rest of you life. With such an important occasion comes the opportunity to give a special gift. What better gift to give your groom than the gift of yourself!

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Here are 5 reasons to do a bridal boudoir session

  1. You have likely focused on working out and dieting to look great on your wedding day. Reward yourself with a shoot to document all that hard work.
  2. You are doing it for him, but also for you! Boudoir can be very empowering for women. After a session you should feel excited to see the photos. Once you see the photos, it is common to not believe it is you. I like to show a photo or two from the back of the camera during your session so you know how good you look without photoshop!                                           Bride Boudoir, Topless with Veil
  3. I focus on secure and confidential sessions. I don’t use client photos for advertising. You are in full control of who sees your images. That said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Spencer for modeling in these images for me!
  4. Sessions are fun! While you are nervous and this is likely your first time doing a boudoir session, it’s not mine! I have worked with women of all shapes and sizes with the goal of bringing out your best. Check out some of my other blog posts here:

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5. And finally, always on people’s minds, is what does it cost? I offer a significant discount on bridal boudoir sessions for my wedding clients. Your session is only $200. If you would like to know more please give me a call at 661-772-7468

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