Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a week away, and while we’ve helped you find a sexy outfit here, and explained the reasons why you should have a boudoir shoot, we know it’s getting close to crunch time on what you are going to do for the day! So we’ve got a few fun Valentine’s Day date ideas for you. You ready for our top ten ideas?

1. Recreate your first date

This one is SUPER romantic, especially if you have an exceptional memory–giving you the ability to remember all the little important details. You can walk down the same pathways you did when you first started dating, go to the same restaurant, movie theater, or drink the same drinks. Whatever the case may be, if you’re doing this, you are sure to win some serious points from your significant other!

2. Cook your loved one’s favorite meal and eat it by candlelight

Is it lasagna? Steak and potatoes? How about sushi? In the case of the latter, we suggest going to a sushi restaurant, as sushi chefs spend years mastering the ART of making sushi! Whatever your loved one loves to eat, feed their tummies with their favorite yummies!  The way to anyone’s heart is sure to be food…or is it diamonds…or shoes? Who knows, we are going with food on this one! After the food is prepared and ready to go, sit down to a table lit with beautiful candles and enjoy your meal together.

3. Movie Marathon

This one can be a lot of fun if you love movies! Spend all day going to see all the movies at the theater, or Netflix binge all day. Watch as many genres as you can–or that you can stomach. Whether it’s comedy, romance, drama, or horror, if you are a movie lover and so is your partner in crime, this Valentine’s Day date is a sure fire win!

4. Romantic getaway

Whether you and your most loved love traveling, this Valentine’s Day maybe spice it up by going on a spur of the moment roadtrip–or if that terrifies you, start planning now! If you are the type that typically goes on trips, find a place you both will love going–make it sentimental by going to your FAVORITE getaway.

5. Wine and Chocolates

OK, maybe this should just be the answer to all of the ideas. Simply put: wine and chocolates, or just skip the wine entirely and eat only chocolates! Chocolate is amazing, let’s be real, and Valentine’s Day is the prefect excuse to break from your New Years resolution to eat better…chocolate IS BETTER!!!!

6. Striptease

Give your lover a sexy striptease they are sure to remember! Put on some sexy music and slowly take off each piece of clothing until you’ve got nothing left but the suit you were born in!

7. Couples Massage

This one can be done by going to a place of business or at home! If you are doing it at home, buy some oils and lightly scented candles. Set the mood in your house and take turns oiling each other up and giving a sensual massage!

8. Scavenger Hunt

This one is quite elaborate, or simple, depending on how difficult you want to make it. Regardless of the complexity, create a fun scavenger hunt that ends in a sexy way! Whether it is ending up in a rose petal strewn room with yourself wearing next to nothing, or in a beautiful restaurant wearing your most sexy attire, this Valentine’s Day date is probably the most exciting one…just don’t get lost!

9. Check in to a hotel

Even if the hotel is in your hometown where you live, it’s nice to just get away for the night. In Bakersfield, we have the beautiful Padre Hotel that offers really special packages for you and your loved one. You can get champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in your room…even a “pleasure kit”! Check it out here


We don’t mean forget about Valentine’s Day and don’t even bother! lol We mean spend the day just relaxing! Many of us live incredibly busy lives, and sometimes the sexiest, nicest thing we can do is just be super lazy. So, maybe just laze around all day with your loved one, and let your boredom take you places you’ve never been before!

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