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Best Wedding Photographer in Bakersfield

Dinner had just finished and the sun was getting ready to set. Chris and Bryan noticed beautiful light spilling through the trees at Horse Haven Bridal Ranch and had to steal the Bride and Groom away from their wedding party for a few minutes. Marines are some of the toughest men in the world, but it is still great seeing how tender and loving they are with their wives. This photo is a combination of the posed and photo-journalistic approach C&B takes. We placed the wedding couple in a spot where we liked the light and gave them some basic direction, then the magic happened. Brides and grooms are so happy on their wedding day that very little coaching is needed to produce the best wedding photographs. We have a big shout out to Shannon Hough Events (S.H.E.) for helping the wedding go smoothly and all the details she planned to make the reception elegant.

Location: Bakersfield, CA.

Keywords: Bride (16), Bride and Groom (11), Couple (26), Horse Haven, Military (4), S.H.E. (6), Wedding (95).

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