Bakersfield Grunge Door Pic
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Bakersfield Grunge Door Pic

Bakersfield can be a little barren sometimes for creating dramatic images. This however, is one of our favorite shooting locations located downtown. The door is down an alley on the back of an automotive shop, but it has a great grunge feel which fits with our more dramatic style of photography. Lots of Bakersfield photographers shoot here in addition to us because of the unique look it provides.This engagement session was shot in several areas in the downtown area. We never know where we will find new spots for capturing dramatic images and we are always keeping our eyes peeled. Here we have the kiss before the kiss. This is important for creating a sense of anticipation in the image and eliminating the "duck-face" look which happens when people pucker their lips.

Location: Bakersfield, CA.

Keywords: Bakersfield (88), Couple (26), Engagement (24), Grunge (2), Portrait (34).

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