Bakersfield Family Sillouhette Photo
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Bakersfield Family Sillouhette Photo

Silhouette photograph of a couple standing against a dark blue sky at sunset near Bakersfield, CA. C&B Pictures enjoys shooting portraits at Hart Park east of Bakersfield. We posed the couple for this image with their foreheads together to help create a heart shape against the brighter sky. Clouds can be seen on the horizon looking north towards Delano and Porterville. We are one of the few photographers in Bakersfield with the option to also shoot in our portrait studio. Bakersfield gets so hot during the summer, that it is better to be inside during the hot summer months. Having a portrait studio allows us to control the temperature better and keep our clients more comfortable.

Location: Bakersfield, CA.

Keywords: Bakersfield (88), Engagement (24).

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