Best Boudoir Photography in Bakersfield
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Best Boudoir Photography in Bakersfield

Featured in this boudoir photograph is a gorgeous blonde woman. We went to a super secret location in Bakersfield to photograph this beautiful boudoir photo. While she is clearly nude, except for her boots, hat, and six-shooter, when done in a tasteful way, it creates a great photograph. The boots, cowboy hat, rope and six shooter all fit with the western feel of Bakersfield. When we showed her the image on the back of the camera, she almost came to tears. She exclaimed, "That's me?!" Finding a photographer in Bakersfield can be difficult, but producing images like this one should show you who the best photographer in Bakersfield is.

Location: Hart Park Bakersfield, CA 93308.

Keywords: Bakersfield (88), Boudoir (41), Cowgirl, nude (8), Western (4).

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